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Get Out There!

VW Campervan conversion

If you have always wanted to have your own Campervan you don’t need to buy the most expensive or flashiest van on the forecourt to live your dream of Camper life!

There are many options out there now for people who want to experience outdoor life, which cater for all tastes and budgets.

The standard fully kitted out VW T6 Camper may be your dream, however, exciting new options include the amazing TENTBOX which attaches to most Roof Racks on Vans and Cars.

For people who use their Van for Work and Leisure, the SLIDEPOD may be an option, a handy removable Sink and Hob Unit packed with accessories, Ideal for putting in the Van on a Friday and removing on Sunday night!

INFLATABLE AWNINGS are also really popular now and some are SO big you can camp like a king and not even need to step foot in your Van!

Seat Beds, Hammock Beds, Pop Top Beds, Inflatable Beds, the list goes on and on.

My Grandparents had an old Ford Escort Post Office Van in the 70’s, this is certainly my first memory of Van Life, they would drive from Plymouth to Argyll in Scotland every year in their little Van to visit us.

They would Sleep in the back of the Van on a very comfortable mattress. As a young kid I thought this was amazing and still do to this day, to me the simplicity of their Van was ideal.

It is really important to get out there and explore as much as you can, but it is more important to do it your way!

If you have any questions about our services for fitting a new pop-top, windows, carpets, heaters, awnings, shades, fridges, and charging systems, or are thinking about a conversion don't hesitate to get in touch, we have a wealth of experience and are happy to chat through options to create your dream campervan.

Just "Get Out There!"

Call me on 07708 410320


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